Susan Rhodus, R.Ph. – Senior Vice President, Contracts and Advocacy

Susan has been involved in the long-term care industry for forty years. Her primary responsibility at GeriMed is negotiating contracts with pharmaceutical manufacturers and PBMs (pharmacy benefit managers) for long-term care pharmacies billing Medicare Part D, Part A and other payers.  Susan oversees the on-boarding team to add and maintain eligible pharmacies for both purchasing of contracted medications and other pharmacy related items and reimbursement through PBMs.

In addition, Susan is responsible for reviewing clinical programs and education made available to GeriMed pharmacies across the country including Profiles360, a premier consulting software program. Recently, Susan has participated as a co-chair of a task group to work on the interoperability of consulting software with electronic health records.  Susan keeps herself current in long term care pharmacy by periodically participating in consulting in nursing home facilities and reviewing changes in regulations and legislation. She is a sought-after speaker by numerous audiences seeking education on Medicare Part D and the effects on long-term care.

Susan received her Bachelor of Science degree in pharmacy from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. She has been active in The American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP) since 1984, to include participating in several task groups for ASCP over the past several years. Susan is a member of the National Community Pharmacist Association (NCPA) and part of their Long-Term Care Advisory Board. She participates in NCPDP work groups for long-term care billing issues, SCPC, Senior Care Pharmacy Coalition, board and task groups, and has been on several measurement development teams for the Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA).  Recently, GeriMed joined The Alliance for LTC Pharmacy at Home coalition in which Susan participates on the Executive Committee.