Strategic Planning

“Own” the segment – delight the customer! Our team of industry leading professionals will help your company by providing our expertise in the following strategic avenues:

  • Environmental Scan
  • Complete Market Analysis
  • Senior Care Trends
  • LTC Dynamics & Influencers
  • Develop Company/ Brand Identity, differentiate, establish vision + mission with clear G&O

Product Promotion

Bridge the gap between you products and your customers. Paradigm’s exclusive partnerships, personalized services, and trend setting events will help you get your products in the hands of your customers. We will help you increase expose and reduce cost by using proven and well tested methods of targeted exposure.

Account Management Support

Our experience and industry specific expertise make us the perfect partner to help you grow and expand your business. We will assist you with all aspects of strategic account management in LTC.

  • LTC Training and Competency Development
  • C Suite Relationships And Contract Negotiations
  • Pull Thru on favorable Formulary positions
  • Execution of Performance based agreements
  • Accelerate Growth


Network, Influence, Learn! Our interdisciplinary educational approach to events helps bring together all aspects of our expertise. From large organizations and associations to the professionals doing the day to day care, our events are catered to your needs and wants.

  • Highly specialized and relevant to LTC
  • Customized & needs based education on recent advances
  • Key influencers & opinion leaders from all three disciplines – RN, C.RPh. and MD
  • Professional Association Collaboration