Paradigm LTC Key Initiatives

1. Manufacturer of Durable Medical Equipment LTC Value Proposition Case Study

Paradigm LTC worked with a national leader in Durable Medical Equipment (DME) who was interested in LTC facility-level disease state data. Paradigm LTC utilized one of their many strategic partnerships in this area to come up with a solution. They were able to secure critical outcomes data from nursing home electronic healthcare records via one of Paradigm LTC’s many strategic partnerships. This data will be used to build out this manufacturer’s LTC value proposition utilizing real-time nursing home patient-level data points.

2. Rare Disease Case Study

Paradigm LTC partnered with one of the world’s largest biotech companies to conduct an LTC facility landscape assessment. The analysis helped determine the patient opportunity to grow its prescription medication in specialized pediatric LTC facilities. Paradigm LTC uncovered a significant number of patients in need of this manufacturer’s unique therapy. Paradigm LTC utilized their many relationships with healthcare professionals and associations in this market segment to quickly quantify the opportunity. A strategic business plan was developed with the biotech company and then tactics/tools were developed to educate this key market segment.

3. LTC Transitions of Care

Paradigm LTC partnered with one of the nation’s top pharmaceutical companies whose product is used to treat patients with chronic liver disease. Paradigm LTC utilized its unique strategic analysis methodology to help this manufacturer understand the current use of its medication in LTC facilities. Paradigm LTC’s panel of expert advisors emphasized the importance of a two-pronged approach to maximize the opportunity. The first tactic was educating LTC Health Care Professionals on the value of the prescription medication. The second tactic was tracking the patient from hospital to LTC facility to home to improve medication adherence. 

These tactics led to incremental new patient starts in LTC residents. In collaboration with this pharmaceutical manufacturer, an analytical dashboard was developed to monitor Medicare prescription claims in this important segment. The new data provided the information needed to better understand the transition of patients between hospitals and LTC facilities. Hospital readmission rates are also included in the dashboard. The analytical tool and these key tactics have led to accelerated growth in the LTC market.