Message From the Founders

The launch of Paradigm LTC offers innovative solutions for the appropriate use of pharmaceutical products, medical devices, and diagnostic services by drawing upon the expertise of all professionals engaged in providing healthcare solutions for the elderly. They have synergized an outstanding resource by assembling a strong and very experienced true multi-disciplinary team that understands this segment.

Paradigm LTC will have the credibility and the vision to anticipate changes and help clients to be better prepared for the potential challenges and ultimately achieve better utilization of their products or services leading to better care of patients in the long term care setting.

Paradigm LTC has been created to provide a dramatic shift from traditional approaches of engaging with the healthcare professionals. It is designed to offer interested organizations the opportunity to separate themselves from competitors and help nurses, physicians, pharmacists, and caregivers realize the true potential of their products or services.

We invite you to give us an opportunity to evaluate your product or service and present you with a robust plan to grow, sustain or expand your presence in the LTC space.

Anwar Feroz and Jeff Naqvi

Paradigm LTC – Game Changer for Pharmaceutical Sales & Marketing in the Long Term Care Market

Credible and Creative – Interdisciplinary Team of Experts

Franklin Park, New Jersey, August 18, 2015—Paradigm LTC LLC founders Mr. Anwar Feroz and Mr. Jeff Naqvi have launched Paradigm LTC as a game changer for pharmaceutical companies to effectively promote their therapies in the long term care (LTC) channel. The approach of establishing a leading expert, interdisciplinary advisory team—with highly successful experience and a strong blend of creativity—finally offers solutions for health care companies to make a huge difference in the lives of LTC residents, while effectively growing their brands and presence in one of the fastest-growing segments of health care.

The LTC channel presents several outstanding opportunities:

  • Approximately 6 million patients, many with multiple diseases and conditions, move through skilled nursing and alternate level of care facilities annually
  • Medication adherence is managed by nursing care, which results in nearly 100% compliance
  • Dual-eligible residents in LTC facilities have the financial advantage of no out-of-pocket expenses for brand-name treatments in addition to no required pharmaceutical rebates

These opportunities can only be realized by pharmaceutical companies that are successful in overcoming several challenges, including reaching key stakeholders effectively.

With its unique approach, Paradigm LTC effectively utilizes its expertise to leverage and optimize resources, exceeding customer expectations and driving growth.

A cornerstone of this unique approach centers on an alliance between Paradigm LTC and the Access Group. This partnership leverages combined expertise and resources to bring greater value to our clients. The Access Group, based in Berkeley Heights, NJ, is a preeminent professional services firm focused on the biopharmaceutical industry.

About Paradigm LTC LLC
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