Catherine J. Dragon, PharmD, BCPS, CGP, CCP is a Director – Clinical Services at MD Anderson Cancer Center. On an annual basis she is solely responsible for ensuring the accurate and complete content of the Omnicare® Geriatric Pharmaceutical Care Guidelines. The 1200+ page document (the Guidelines), is a comprehensive disease management tool that is used by consultant pharmacists, geriatricians, nurses, nurse practioners and physicians who service well over 1.5 million nursing home beds services by Omnicare®. Thousands of Omnicare® health-care practitioner are encouraged to consider the evidence-based recommendations published in the Guidelines to ensure that residents in various long-term care settings (primarily nursing homes) receive optimal pharmacotherapy. In the Guidelines, the scientific data available for each drug (over 1100 agents in 200 different therapeutic classes and 60 disease states) are collected, thoroughly reviewed and evaluated, and used to determine the appropriateness of using individual drugs in a frail older adult population. The written recommendations in the Guidelines assist pharmacists and prescribers in selecting the safest, most effective drug that is most likely to result in the most favorable individual outcome for a resident. Specific areas covered for each drug typically include, but are not limited to efficacy, safety, quality of life, dosing, drug administration, drug storage, resident and family counseling, adherence, regulatory considerations, monitoring recommendations, issues related to deprescribing, as well as drug-drug, drug-lab and drug-food interactions. Recommendations in the Guidelines are fully referenced with scientific evidence that appears fully published in peer-reviewed medical journals (abstracts and data on file are not considered). Also serve as ex officio pharmacist member of the national Omnicare® Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee; advisor for strategic direction for the Guideline development.